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About Us

CassieSenior Dental Assistant
LilySenior Dental Assistant
Dr Ian CrumpDentist
Dr Annie WalkerDentist
Deb KerridgeOral Health Therapist
BradiePractice Manager
JessClinical Coordinator
The Dental Junction - Cassie
Senior Dental Assistant

Youngest by calendar but not by maturity, we guess that Cass will not stay too much longer in the dental industry. Future doctor; maybe? Cass is usually found in our dental practice next to Ian. She somehow manages to balance her studies, dentistry and her culinary and political views. With “oodles” of dental experience, we can do no more than enjoy the pleasure of her company and encourage her future greatness.

The Dental Junction - Lily
Senior Dental Assistant

Our “newbie” Lily, comes to us with experience. What a pleasure to have this fine young lady join our team. Usually, you will find Lily next to Annie or Deb. Eager to help and learn, Lily has fit right in with our team at The Dental Junction.

Dr Ian Crump

Ian purchased this practice in 2012 having moved on from a previous much larger practice. Ian loves dentistry, however, he is frustrated by the compromise dentistry often forced upon patients due to price. With a goal to change this, he decided to run a smaller, family focused practice that concentrated on long-term care; hopefully looking after his patients comprehensively until his retirement up here in Noosa. Ian is married with two cavoodles.

Ian loves his exercise. Having been majorly porky, you may see him clad in lycra trying to fix the fact that he is still minorly porky. The age of fifty is closely on the horizon and it seems harder and harder to keep that spare tyre at bay. Ian and his wife Katrina are looking for a bomby old Queenslander in the Hinterland, hopefully, so they can have a cow or two to keep the cavoodles company.

Ian graduated from the University of Queensland in 1999. After a short stint as a government and private dentist, Ian moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2003. Here, he built a successful practice prior to moving on in 2012.

The Dental Junction Annie-Walker
Dr Annie Walker

Dr Annie Walker received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2001. Originally from the North of England, Annie moved to Australia in 2008 and has been providing outstanding dental care locally on the Sunshine Coast ever since. Annie has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and is committed to further education. When not working or studying, Annie spends time with friends trying out different coffee venues, is an avid tennis fan, and fits in as many yoga classes as possible! On arrival in Australia, Annie joined Ian at his previous venture and is glad to be working alongside him again.

Deb Kerridge
Oral Health Therapist

As an Oral Health Therapist, Deb can provide dentistry for our patients under the age of eighteen, and, a lion’s share of our hygiene (scale and clean) appointments. We actually wonder whether Deb is “the” most experienced Oral Health Therapist in Australia. Ian has not had a practice without Deb as an Oral Health Therapist since 2004. Having worked together so long, the level and quality of care, we believe, is second to none. Her passion for dental care is second only to her wonderful husband and daughter “the kid.”

The Dental Junction - Bradie
Practice Manager

Bradie joined the dental profession when she was only seventeen. She joined Ian as his only assistant on the first day that The Dental Junction opened. Since then, she has been an integral part of the growth of this practice. Although a work-a-holic, she does have the odd day off. It’s these days that have our patient’s asking, “where’s Bradie?” Usually at home looking after her beautiful daughter, Frankie. Now managing the practice, Bradie is so much more than just an employee.

The Dental Junction - Jess
Clinical Coordinator

It wasn’t long after the formation of The Dental Junction that the workload for Bradie became a bit too much. After a few false starts, we decided to take on a new assistant that had no training whatsoever. Having been selected as the best of over 150 applicants, Jess has not disappointed. Since walking in to start with no experience, Jess has become one of the best assistants that Ian has ever had.