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The main problem facing dentistry is  affordability.
Compromise dentistry
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Ian Crump

If you are looking for a great dental practice, we may be just what you are looking for!

Dr Ian Crump and Dr Annie Walker here. Having worked together for eight years, here is why we believe that we can say this with confidence.

Most people will have noticed that dentistry has changed. Previously we would attend our regular dentist for a “check-up,” a scale and clean and regrettable, the odd filling or two. Now we are inundated with porcelain everything, implants, orthodontics, cosmetic makeovers, curing headaches and snoring devices. It is not because dentistry (or The Dental Junction) cannot provide these needs, it has just become a stretch on the family budget.

So here's why you should call me now!

  • Dentistry is a profession; not a commodity like a toaster oven. What’s right for the tooth may not be right for you. You will always have options. Occasionally, we will nudge you in the right direction, however ultimately, you make the decisions with our guidance.
  • We just do dentistry. Of course we can do smile makeovers but, let’s face it, most of us just want to look after what we’ve got so that’s what we do…. good old-fashioned dentistry.
  • We are affordable. No, we are not fast and cheap! Quality is paramount, however, by concentrating on general dentistry, we have become efficient in providing basic dental services.
  • You needn’t be embarrassed. There are no pictures of perfect smiles in our reception to deter you. We understand that at times our dental health has had to come second to the needs of our family. So we never blame our patients if everything isn’t in tip-top shape.
  • Looking for a perfect smile? Certainly, most people want a good-looking smile (we are yet to meet a patient that wants their teeth more yellow!). What we find is that most of our patients want a clean natural smile…. not necessarily a row of “toilet bowl white” porcelain.
  • As dentists we have a duty of care to advise the best dental care for you. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a significant investment (even at our modest fees). Now it is rare that all of your dentistry need be done at once so we can spread your treatment (and the cost) over time to suit your budget.


Did you know?

Every form of fuel for your body goes in through your mouth: air, food and fluids. Your overall health starts here.

Dr Ian Crump

Having your teeth cleaned at least yearly, will have positive effects on your overall health.

Dr Ian Crump

A six or twelve-monthly checkup is not so much about your teeth, but more about cleaning your gums so they are free of infection.

Dr Ian Crump