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Veneers were quite a popular request a few years back due to many cosmetic makeover shows on television. Unfortunately, the number of people suitable for veneers was quite low.

A veneer is a thin piece of laboratory made porcelain that is adhered (glued) to the front surface of your front teeth. It is predominantly a cosmetic treatment and is best described as being like having acrylic fingernails.

They are quite strong when they are glued to the enamel surface of relatively intact teeth……so here lies the problem.

Most of the cosmetic makeover shows came from the United States of America. As most are well aware, cosmetics are a major issue in the USA. Accordingly, there is a large market for making teeth that we would consider attractive in Australia, into a Hollywood smile. In other words, the pre-existing teeth were relatively intact.

Veneers do not bond very well to pre-existing filling materials or to the tooth structure under enamel, called dentine. The reason for this is that teeth that are predominantly enamel, do not flex. If they do not flex, then a slither of porcelain over the front will not flex either. Once there is a filling in the tooth, enamel missing, or the veneer sits on the non-enamel neck of the tooth, flexure occurs and veneers are very fragile and are likely to break.

If you are looking to have veneers placed on your teeth, please come and see us. We are not against veneers, however, we would like to give you the outcome that you desire and a smile that lasts.

We are also happy to talk to you about the many offers of “cheap” veneers.
We ask you to be careful as we believe that the treatment needs to suit the patient rather than the patient be made to suit the treatment.

The other consideration is not whether you are happy at the time of treatment, but, whether you will still be happy in ten or twenty years time.