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Preventive Care

Continuing dental care, or, “a clean,” is the foundation for minimising dental needs and the costs that go with it. We understand that often the 6 or 12- monthly check and clean gets overlooked. Unfortunately, the word, “clean,” simplifies what we really do.

The words debridement, or scale, would not have our patients enamoured with regular return visits, so, we are stuck with, “a clean.”

What we do is far more important!

The mouth may seem quite simple, however, our saliva contains minerals that help prevent our teeth from dissolving with continued use of acidic foods and beverages such as coke, red wine and juices. Unfortunately, these minerals build up and cling to our teeth. This is usually called tartar or calculus. This tartar usually sits around the necks of our teeth, with the most obvious places noticed by our patients, to be behind the lower front teeth. Sadly, it is not just here that it forms; it forms on all of the teeth.

Leaving this tartar allows it to build up and form large traps for food under the gums. Unfortunately, a tooth brush won’t dislodge it and it will prevent the tooth brush from removing the trapped food underneath it. This trapped food then starts to rot in your mouth and the body tries to get rid of it. The result is bleeding, pus and bad breath. Also, bacteria start to build colonies that are damaging to the human body. If left unattended, the bone around the teeth starts to resorb (dissolve). This is called periodontal disease.

For a dentist, the hardest condition to treat is periodontal disease. Once the bone around teeth starts to resorb away, all we can do in most cases, is stop it from getting any worse. In other words, the bone won’t grow back.

Sadly, without having your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis, the mouth is generally full of infection. Infection causes other issues that can have a direct effect on the heart, kidneys and the brain. In some people, the level of infection is so bad, that if it were on any other part of the human body, it would be the size of an open hand and you would be in hospital on an antibiotic drip.

Our recommendation is for six, or twelve monthly clean appointments. We set aside sufficient time to ensure that all of the teeth are cleaned thoroughly; not just the front teeth. As a bonus, we get to thoroughly check your teeth for decay at the same time. If we see something early, it is always less expensive and more likely to last indefinitely

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