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Pain Free Dentistry

We do not promise pain free dentistry and cannot understand how anyone can.
We are also frustrated that this is used as a marketing tool (often with the fine print, “in most cases,” written underneath).
The human body is so variable and people’s perception of pain also varies.

What we will promise is that we will stop should there be any concerns.

To do most dentistry, you will still need an injection. We just want to be honest here; no false claims or fine print. Over half of our patients don’t feel our injections at all, the remainder may feel a little bit but it isn’t of any concern. On some occasions, we need to stop as we have found that one tiny spot that seems to be highly sensitive. This is just the truth and nature of the human body.

Other than this, the days of painful treatments are well and truly gone. The advances in local anaesthesia have all but put an end to an age-old problem with our profession.

Our goal is to cause you no discomfort.

We have spent years perfecting techniques to minimise this. All you need to do now is hold open, and block out the sounds and vibrations. Maybe one day, this will be an age-old problem too.