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Information for Wearers of Full Dentures

Although we do not construct dentures at The Dental Junction, we would like to provide some information that will help you understand some of the limitations. Our option is to refer you to a local prosthetist that will result in a much faster construction at much less expense.

  • Full Dentures are not teeth replacements; they are pieces of acrylic resin. They rely on suction to stay in place for top teeth, and careful design to stay in place for bottom teeth. In effect, complaints about lower dentures exceed those for upper dentures by at least ten to one.
  • As you age, the bone below your denture resorbs (disappears). Every four to five years, a denture should be relined to replace this bone, and totally replaced every ten years. Failing to do so results in flabby skin under the denture that may need painful surgery to rectify. This loss of bone also means that each subsequent denture has more and more acrylic resin, and the denture becomes harder and harder to manufacture.
  • Bone loss under a lower denture can be so severe, that the nerves in the jaw can be exposed, and/or, the denture can only be held down with the tongue. It is for this reason that many patients seek implants to hold their lower teeth in place. If this is the case, we are more than happy to help you decide amongst the myriad of options with which you may be faced.
  • Having a new denture made is very much like buying a new set of shoes. In other words, they need time to wear in, and time for your body to adapt. This can be extremely frustrating for our patients as they often return to the prosthetist believing that there is something wrong. Many people will not persevere and will wear their old denture. This delays the problem, and, the new denture becomes even harder to construct.
  • Full dentures should not be worn to bed. Dentures should be removed and cleaned with a proprietary denture cleaner. Leaving your denture in at night does not allow your body to heal or the saliva to rid the under denture area of bacteria and fungus. Night-time denture wearers regularly have a red raw area infected with Candida Albicans (thrush).
  • It is extremely rare to find a full denture wearer that can eat steak or bite apples. Although many will say they can, we find that this does not occur in reality.
  • No denture is a perfect fit. Accordingly, food will accumulate under your denture. This will mean a visit to the bathroom after every meal.