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Dental Implants

A dental implant is an excellent way to replace a missing tooth, or teeth. It is a complicated process that involves the insertion of a threaded, titanium “screw” into the jaw bone. After a few months of healing, The Dental Junction can provide a crown on top of this implant as a tooth replacement.

The Dental Junction does not do implant surgery. It is the belief of this practice that providing this level of care requires a specialist dentist, a periodontist, or a maxillofacial surgeon. Our level of experience is extensive in restoring the implant once it has been placed by one of these specialist providers.

The provision of implants for The Dental Junction is predominantly by Dr Sandra Short. Dr Short visits Noosa on a monthly basis and has dedicated her career to cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Unfortunately, dentists are inundated with weekend courses on providing implants. We believe as general dentists, that our responsibility to our patients is to not provide services that are not the equivalent of specialist training.

We encourage you to be extremely careful when price shopping for the provision of implants. This is a surgical procedure that should not be undertaken without due care and consideration.