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Fissure Seals

Traditionally, a fissure seal is a coating that is placed on a cleaned tooth surface in children and young adults designed to prevent the progress of decay. Ultimately, they are placed in the grooves on these young teeth prior to any staining.

At The dental Junction, we do not believe in sealing in stain/bacteria. Rather, we would have you see these stained fissures as shallow decay and have this stain removed prior to sealing.

The outside of a tooth is made of enamel. It doesn’t have nerves and the body has the ability to repair this area. Unfortunately, these grooves are almost impossible to clean. Rather than watch this stain develop in to a hole that goes beyond the enamel, we would suggest that these grooves be cleaned and filled.

The beauty about this preventive treatment is that it almost eliminates the possibility of further decay through the top of the tooth. Also, as filling materials bond better to enamel than any other surface, this is the optimum filling for strength and retention. Furthermore, no injection is necessary and they are approximately the third of the fee for a traditional filling. Finally, a lot of health funds give excellent rebates on this procedure as they know the advantage of prevention.

At The Dental Junction, we provide “invasive” fissure seals. It sounds scary, but, it is just an unfortunate descriptive term. The procedure involves removing the shallow stain with a small burr or an air abrader and filling the v-shaped food trap and converting it into a cleanable u-shape.

Other than a regular check-up and clean, a fissure seal is one of the best preventive treatments to provide on kids and young adults. It’s also not a bad idea on many adults, too.