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Endodontic Treatment – The root canal

Nothing instils more fear in patients than the thought of a root canal. This is a shame as the most common procedure that has our patients falling to sleep, is the root canal. Unfortunately, the media still have a grasp on a type of procedure that hasn’t existed in decades.

A root canal is a necessary procedure when the nerve of a tooth has become infected. It is usually performed over two appointments. Basically, it involves using specialised equipment to “fill” all the way to the tip of the root and seal off the canals from further infection.

Unfortunately, compared with a filling, the equipment and time involved in providing a root canal means that they are more costly. Furthermore, The Dental Junction has a policy of disposing of all equipment after a single use. We do this for your safety and this has been practice policy since prior to the recommendation of the Dental Board.

Once completed, all root filled teeth should be crowned. Sadly, this often means that saving an infected tooth can be expensive. Although it may seem a better option at the time, removing the tooth is likely to cause far more expense in the future.

For why should I replace a missing tooth, please (click here).

It is the belief of The Dental Junction that root canal treatment is a safe and effective treatment for the prevention of tooth loss. Some internet research may lead you to believe that root canal treatment is toxic. If this is your belief, we will respect it, however, we will still advise proceeding with a root canal, as the loss of a tooth may cause a multitude of further concerns.

At The Dental Junction, we use the latest techniques and equipment, however, the greatest asset to a long-lasting root canal treatment is time, and attention to detail. A root canal treatment is “fiddly” and requires patience and experience.