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Emergency Appointments

Every day, The Dental Junction makes a number of appointment times to cater for people with dental emergencies. No matter what we do, we cannot make the number of appointments exactly right every day. We either have too many, or too few. We advise that you call our practice early in case we have a busy day.

Also, we cannot make the perfect appointment time. Our emergency appointments are 30 minutes long and are designed to get you out of pain and trouble. During this 30 minute appointment, there is insufficient time to do an additional check-up and certainly insufficient time to do a clean.

Our goal is to provide treatment at the highest quality. We cannot do this by rushing. Once your emergency has been dealt with, we are more than happy to arrange an examination appointment so that we can assess all of your dental needs. Only with all of the information, can your dentist provide you with the best treatment and allow you to make the decision that is right for you.