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Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath (also known as halitosis) is a common oral health condition that most people will deal with in some capacity throughout their lives. For most of us the occasional instance of bad breath can be easily corrected, however in chronic cases it would be best to get advice from a dental professional.

What causes bad breath? Well there are many factors, however the main culprit is bacteria within the mouth. Unfortunately, when the bad bacteria make contact the air we breathe, it produces an unpleasant odour that we call bad breath.

What can we do to combat bad breath on a daily basis?

Here are some tips that will help reduce or eliminate bad breath:

Basic Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes is a good start, this includes flossing at least once a day.

Antiseptic Mouth Wash

A good antiseptic mouthwash not only removes the bad bacteria, it can freshen up your breath as well. The main thing here is that the mouthwash you use kills the bacteria causing the bad breath, not just cover up the smell.

If you are into home remedies, this is one you could try: Mix extracts of sage, calendula, and myrrh gum (all available at health food stores) in equal proportions and gargle with the mixture four times a day. Keep the mouthwash in a tightly sealed jar at room temperature.

Tongue Scrapers

The coating on your tongue is a host for some of the worst bacteria in our mouths. Some toothbrushes have a tongue scraper built into the back of them, or you can purchase a tongue scraper (as they will reach the back of your tongue, better than a toothbrush) to remove the bacteria that builds up on the tongue.

Bad Breath
Water Hydration

Maintaining Dental Appliances

Items such as Dentures, Retainers and Braces need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis as bacteria can cling to these.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by several things like stress, anxiety, medications and medical conditions like diabetes. Saliva flow is inhibited in a dry mouth, which in turn leads to bacteria. People who suffer from chronic dry mouth should speak with a dental professional, who can offer some possible solutions.

Maintain Hydration

The adage of drinking plenty of water a day is still true today. Water helps maintain a healthy pH Balance in our mouths and washes away food particles, that might otherwise stick to our teeth and gums. The opposite is true of soft drinks and many fruit juices as they are high in sugar, which promotes bacteria.

Eat Healthy

Foods that promote Saliva flow like vegetables are good at reducing the bad bacteria that forms in our mouths. If you suffer from a dry mouth after a nights sleep, there is nothing better than a healthy breakfast to get the saliva juices flowing again.

Avoiding Foods That Sour Your Breath

Foods such as Onions or Garlic are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to souring our breath. Brushing your teeth is not enough with foods such as these, because the substances contained within these foods make their way into the bloodstream and through your lungs where you breathe them out.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has been proven to damage your gums, stain your teeth, produce bad breath and is linked to cancer. If you are trying to quit smoking there are numerous avenues available nowadays: Nicotine patches that you can buy over the counter, quit smoking programs or talk to a doctor about prescription medications.

Use Breath Aids

There are a variety of mints, gums, sprays and rinses available over the counter today that will freshen your breath (short term) and boost saliva flow, which in turn helps the overall pH balance in the mouth. The downside with some of these is that some contain sugar, while others mask the smell, but don’t kill off the bad bacteria.

Fresh Mint

Note: If you have tried the above and your bad breath continues despite your best efforts, please make an appointment with your doctor as they can check if the problem is related to a medical condition.

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