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Dental Insurance

Finding the right Dental Insurance:

Most private health insurance funds by default have a basic element of dental insurance built into them. However, as our circumstances change we need to revisit those health funds to make sure that they are meeting our health care needs.

An example would be a young adult who is fit and healthy, may find that they only require the basics. However, as they get older, start a family or their health deteriorates the level of cover required might need to expand to reduce the overall out of pocket expenses.

In Australia we generally have two types of dental coverage – General and Major.

General Dental: This is you annual or bi annual check-up along with preventative dental work such as cleaning, fluoride treatments, minor fillings, etc.

Major Dental: This is usually used for more complex problems such as orthodontics, crowns, bridges, tooth extractions and so on.

Note: Dental work that is used to enhance appearance, but isn’t required medically such as teeth whitening usually isn’t covered by the health funds.

Factors to consider when looking at dental plans:

Your age

Your dental health

Does your employer sponsor a health care plan?

Family plans: The larger the family the greater the possibility of dental treatments and expenditure.

Prevention is better than cure: As a minimum find a basic plan with great general dental coverage and make use of the preventative dental care benefits it contains.

Dental Insurance - Family

Tips to finding the right Dental Insurance:

In Australia there are many health funds that offer a variety of options, this can be a minefield to navigate through. As such, we have included some basic tips and suggestions when conducting your research:

Ask what the waiting periods are for the services you want?

Is there an annual benefit limit for the various services provided?

What are the actual out of pocket expenses for each of the procedures?

Does the fund offer “No Gaps” benefits?
(In short this means there will be no further out of pocket expenses for certain treatments).

Are any of the funds offering special offers, such as a reduction in waiting periods, etc?

Does your local dentist offer payment plans?

Dental Insurance - Research


In conclusion due diligence is required when it comes to finding the best dental insurance, however there are some websites that can do some of the hard work for you. If nothing else, you will at least have a basic benchmark for the costs involved for certain procedures, then keep an eye out when special offers pop up from the various health funds.

Compare the Market:


Both websites also contain some good general information that will help with some of the terminology that is used by the health funds.

At “The Dental Junction” we genuinely want our patients to have healthy teeth for life. We encourage and educate our patients in developing life-long habits for a clean and healthy smile. If you happen to live on the Sunshine Coast (Noosa) give us a call on 07 5473 5117 or contact us via the Website to book a dental appointment today.

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