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Dental Health Week August 7th to 13th 2017

Dental Health Week 2017

Oral Health for Busy Lives – Anywhere, Anytime

This year Dental Health Week runs from August 7-13, with the main theme being Oral Health for Busy Lives.

We live in an age where our lives are forever getting busier, therefore it can be easy to forget about the importance of oral health and our teeth and gums end up suffering for it.

However healthy habits can easily be incorporated into our daily routines, without it being overwhelming.

It only requires a couple of simple steps to be included in our daily routine to maintain good Oral Health:

  • Take two minutes to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss your teeth a minimum of once a day
  • Eat healthy and reduce or eliminate sugary foods and drinks (where possible)
Dental Health Week Aug 7th 2017

Also maintain regular check-ups with your Dentist so that any unforeseen problems can be identified and dealt with quickly, so that you can enjoy your wonderful smile for a lifetime!

If you live in the Noosa area and want to find out more about Dental Health Week give us a call at “The Dental Junction”, or drop by our office to discuss. 🙂

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