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Are Dental Check Ups Necessary?

Are Dental Checks Ups Necessary?

The answer to that question is, it depends…

A good example: You buy a car; how long do you want to keep it for?
If the answer is: A life time, you will probably have it serviced by a mechanic every six or so months to keep it well maintained and avoid the expensive costs down the road.

The alternative is to not have it serviced, where you save money up front, however it may end up costing more down the road in expensive repairs or replacements and even shorten the life span of the vehicle.

Much like having your car serviced, visiting your dentist every six months for a dental check up may not be an appointment you look forward to. However, it is one of the most important ones to keep.

Important reasons and benefits of why you should have a dental check up regularly:

Spot Problems Before They Get Worse

Tooth decay is a lot easier and less expensive to treat in the early stages.

Remove Tartar

Specialised dental tools clean the hard to reach places within the mouth, while removing the plaque build-up on your teeth.


Whether it is an impacted wisdom tooth, uneven bite or jaw movement an x-ray can quickly pickup issues that would otherwise have been undetected and get on top of the problem before it becomes more extensive and expensive.

Oral Cancer Screen

Each check-up includes this, In Australia new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed daily, early detection dramatically increases the chance of survival.

Dental Insurance Benefits

Depending on what health insurance you have, you may be missing out on its included benefits (such as Dental Check Ups). Most dental insurance plans reset the benefits every twelve months, therefore if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Dental Check Ups - X-Ray
Dental Check Ups - Brushing Teeth

Body Health

Unfortunately, poor dental hygiene doesn’t just effect the mouth, it can lead to other diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, etc.

Setting an Example for Children

Children learn by example: If you are leading the way in oral hygiene, they will follow.

Prevent Bad Breath (Halitosis)

A dental check up will check for gum disease, food that may be lodged in hard to reach places, etc that can all contribute to bad breath.

Prevention of Gum Disease

Plaque contains bacteria that can inflame or irritate the gums and lead onto periodontal disease.

No Surprises

Communicating with your dentist on a regular basis means you will have a better idea regarding your oral treatment plan, what your insurance covers or possible payment options so that there are no surprises with your dental work or bill.

Types of Dental Check Ups

Depending on the condition of your teeth you can expect a Basic Check-Up, Scale and Clean, Fluoride Treatment or Bitewing X-rays.

Basic Check Up: The dentist checks for plaque and cavities on your teeth, gum disease, oral cancer screening, the rest of your mouth for any potential issues and will discuss any oral issues you may have.

Scale and Clean: Bacterial build-up (such as Plaque and Tartar) are removed from your teeth using specialised instruments.

Fluoride Treatment: The concentrations of fluoride used are much stronger than the toothpaste you use. The fluoride strengthens the enamel of your teeth, thus protecting it against cavities and decay.

Bitewing X-Ray: This assists the dentist in getting a complete view of your mouth and can be used to pinpoint possible deeper issues.

Dental Check Ups
Dental Checkup Ups

How Much Does a Dental Check Up Cost?

Listed below is the average price based on Australian capital cities for each type of dental check up service. Please consult with your local dentist regarding their charges.

Basic Check Up (without cleaning): The average is around $70; however, it will depend on what your local dentist includes in their basic check-up.

Scale and Clean Treatment: The average is around $140; however, the level of treatment varies between dentists and can cost over $200. Check with your local dentist…

Fluoride Treatment: The average is around $40

Bitewing X-Rays: The average cost of two X-rays is around $90-$100

Choosing a dentist that is high in quality and fits within your budget is a great way to ensure that you start booking in every six months for regular dental check ups to take care of your teeth.

Hopefully this article has helped with the understanding and importance of teeth cleaning and regular dental check ups in terms of maintaining healthy oral hygiene, your beautiful smile and overall health. 🙂

At “The Dental Junction” we genuinely want our patients to have healthy teeth for their life time, we encourage and educate our patients in developing life long habits for a clean and healthy smile. If you live on the Sunshine Coast (Noosa) give us a call on 07 5473 5117 or contact us via the Website to book a dental appointment today.

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