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12 Dental Tips

12 Dental Tips for Healthy Teeth During the Holidays.

Holidays are for family, friends, and fun. So, have a great time and remember to keep your dental health in mind. This way, you can begin your new year with healthy teeth and gums. To help keep your smile bright and healthy during the busy and party-filled festive season please consider these 12 Dental Tips.

Dental Tips No 1: Use the proper tools for opening bottles, packages and nuts!

Christmas is an exciting time for many, where we share gifts, enjoy BBQ’s and much more! However, our teeth are not designed for opening bottle caps, gift packages or shelling nuts.
Our teeth can crack possibly requiring a root canal or crown to fix the damage. Instead reach for the bottle opener, scissors or nutcracker and use your mouth for talking, eating and laughing!

Dental Tips No 2: Drink water instead of sodas, juices and sports drinks

Where possible avoid sodas, juices and sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar and reach for water instead to keep your teeth healthy and strong. If you have a sugar laden drink, try to use a use a straw and brush your teeth soon after.

Dental Tips No 3: Watch the chocolates and sweets

During the holiday season most of us enjoy indulging in chocolates and sweets. However, this creates more acid and bacteria, which in turn attacks our teeth and gums. Remember to maintain your regular routine of brushing and flossing twice a day, especially through the holiday season. If you are concerned about the chocolates and sweets, it might be worth considering tooth friendly alternatives such as nuts and cheese.

Dental Tips - Water
Dental Tips - Dentures

Dental Tips No 4: Take your spare dentures with you on holiday

It may surprise you to know that many a set of dentures have been lost by their owners while on holidays. Dentures have been lost overboard due to sea sickness, down the toilet because of food poisoning, theme park rides, etc.

Dental Tips No 5: Beware of sporting injuries

Unfortunately, during the holiday season oral sporting injuries have become a common occurrence.
Obviously wearing a mouthguard during these times will greatly reduce the impact of the potential injury.
By just being aware of the danger of certain activities might also be enough to make you think and weigh up the options of taking part in the activity.

Dental Tips No 6: Keep hydrated during the summer holidays

In Australia our summers can be quite harsh, so please keep yourself well hydrated with water. When we are dehydrated this reduces the saliva in our mouths, which helps to neutralize acids and flush away the bad bacteria.
Note: Be cautious if using sports electrolyte drinks as many have a high level of sugar content.

Dental Tips No 7: Don’t chew ice blocks

This is a popular pastime in summer, because of the hot weather. However, chewing on ice blocks can cause fractures in your teeth or worse – break your teeth! Due to the highly compressive strength of an ice block, your teeth are at a greater risk of injury. If you want to enjoy an ice block, just remember to suck, not chew!

Dental Tips No 8: Choose fruit over sugary desserts

If you are having a party or celebration dinner, rather than making lots of sugary desserts, try sticking to one sweet dessert and compliment it with a large fruit platter.

Dental Tips No 9: Christmas stockings

Kids Christmas stockings are usually full of sugary treats, which in turn can cause your kids to get cavities. Instead, reduce the sweet content and consider other items such as giving them a cool new toothbrush as part of their Christmas stocking loot.

Dental Tips - Fruit Platter
Dental Tips - Chewy Treats

Dental Tips No 10: Be mindful of your alcohol intake

With alcohol there are three main things that can harm your teeth: Sugar, Acid and Dehydration
The sugar breaks down into acid and bacteria and the acid wears down the enamel on teeth.
Alcohol will also dehydrate the body and thus reduce the saliva in our mouths. Our Saliva plays a vital role in neutralizing the acid. Types of drinks to watch out for: Wine, as it is highly acidic and premixed drinks, which are usually filled with sugar.

Dental Tips No 11: Caring for your teeth after each meal

Brushing your teeth after a meal is good dental practise, however it isn’t always possible. Therefore, when you cannot brush after a meal consider using a good quality mouthwash. When you rinse thoroughly with the mouthwash it will help remove the food particles and bacteria., this leads to healthier teeth and fresher breath.

Dental Tips No 12: Try to avoid sticky chewy treats

The issue with gummy lollies, caramels and other chewy treats is that they leave a residue on your teeth that encourages tooth decay. Also, chewy treats have been known to pull out teeth fillings, cause issues with dentures, etc.


Keep the above tips in mind to protect your pearly whites this holiday season.

If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family. If there are any questions or you would like to book an appointment, please contact us on 07 5473 5117 or via our Website.

Our entire team at “The Dental Junction” hopes you have a safe, happy and healthy festive season and we can’t wait to see your bright smile in the coming New Year!

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